1. Exercising Too Much

Yes, when it comes to exercise the saying “too much of a good thing” rings true. If you go from not being very active to suddenly working out for an hour or more every single day in an effort to lose weight you might be doing more harm than good and actually preventing yourself from reaching your goals. Exercising too much without giving your body time to recover puts a lot of stress on your body and can cause it to release excessive amounts of cortisol (the stress hormone) which can cause you to gain and store body fat. So when it comes to exercising listen to your body, and work your way up to those long daily workouts so your body doesn’t go into shock. And make sure you’re getting enough fuel to get you through your workouts; which brings me to mistake number two..

  1. Eating Too Little

In effort to lose weight it’s easy to think “Well, I’ll just eat less and workout more.” But it’s not that simple, if you drop your caloric intake too drastically in response your body will decrease its metabolic rate burning fewer calories. Not eating enough can also put stress on your body releasing excess amounts of cortisol again causing weight gain. Furthermore, if you are not giving your body enough fuel to get through your daily physical activity it will find alternative sources, and it’s actually easier for your body to break down muscle mass to convert to energy than it is for it to break down stored body fat, so that’s exactly what it will do; your body will start burning (and depleting) your lean muscle and using it for energy while leaving your body fat. Your metabolism will then be further slowed as metabolism gets faster the more muscle your holding on your body and slower the less muscle.

  1. Eating “Fat Free,” “Diet,” And “Sugar Free” Foods

I’ve touched on this in a previous blog but it’s really important when it comes to weight loss so I’m talking about it again. Many “fat free” and “sugar free” foods take out the fat and sugar and simply replace them with chemicals. Your brain and body does not recognize these chemicals and cannot digest them, this causes your body to turn them into fat and can actually increase your appetite causing you to eat even more.

When it comes to weight loss balance and moderation are key, listen to your body, make sure you’re getting enough fuel from good clean whole foods. You want to set yourself up for success by creating healthy habits that you can keep up with throughout the rest of your life.

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