Everyone wants a nice round bum, but squats can get old and can be hard on the knees, especially if you’re someone who has experienced any type of knee injury new or old. Well, you don’t have to do squats to have a nice butt, here are three easy-on-the-knee, squat-free exercises to help you get that perfect booty.

Perfect Booty Exercise #1

I call this the “dog peeing on a hydrant” exercise. Start on your hands and knees making sure your back is flat. Keeping your knee bent and your leg position the same lift one leg up (this is where the dog pees on the hydrant). Your hips and glutes should have done most of the work to get your leg up into the air. Once you’re in the “dog peeing” position straighten your leg extending it out to the side. Bring your leg back into “dog peeing” position and then back down to the starting position. Repeat this motion 20 times then switch to do the other leg 20 times.

Perfect Booty Exercise #2

I love this exercise because it works your core and obliques as well as your glutes. Start in a strong plank position making sure your back is flat, your tummy is tucked not reaching toward the floor, and your butt isn’t sticking up. Lift one leg up towards the sky, bring it back down and straight out to the back, then slide it out to the side trying to keep your hips aligned with the floor. Bring it back in, then up, then out again. So from the plank you’re lifting your leg up, down, and out. Repeat this motion 10 times and then switch to the other side.

Perfect Booty Exercise #3

This exercise is great for your quadriceps in addition to your glutes. Start laying flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Push your hips up so your butt and lower back are no longer touching the floor (if you’re doing it right you’ll feel it in your glutes). Once your lower body is up in the air keeping your feet flat on the floor bring your knees together so they’re as close to touching as possible, then bring them back out to an “open” position, and lower back down to the floor. So the motion is: Up, close, open, down. Repeat this motion 20 times, rest, then 20 more.

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