What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition is the practice of using natural and organic whole foods and supplements to heal the body, treat chronic illness, manage allergies, and promote and achieve optimal health. Whole foods provide the energy needed for the body to function properly and the vital nutrients required for processes constantly taking place within the body, like the healing of muscle, bone, fat, and blood. Three main components of Holistic Nutrition are: macronutrients, which include carbohydrates, fats, and proteins; micronutrients, which include vitamins and minerals; and fiber.  In Holistic Nutrition each individual is treated as a whole, looking at all aspects of the individual’s life to determine eating habits best suited for them.

How Do Holistic Nutrition and Physical Fitness Work Together?

Holistic Nutrition looks at the whole self, which includes not only what is being put in the physical body, but the physical body itself. The balance between nutrition and fitness is an interdependent relationship wherein each acts as a catalyst for the other – your body works best when you utilize both. Eating the right things to support your specific level of physical activity ensures you’re not doing damage to your body, and you are giving it what it needs to build muscle and strength, as well as burn fat.  Getting regular exercise is important for your heart and cardiovascular system, but it also supports healthy digestion and aids your body in absorbing nutrients more effectively. Using specific exercises and stretches in conjunction with certain foods and supplements can increase healing and minimize the effects of chronic illness.

How Can I Help?

I believe in meeting people where they’re at in their journey, and guiding and supporting them to reach their individual health goals. We only get one body – giving it what it needs to function at it’s best is an act of self-care and loveWith my expertise in holistic nutrition and fitness I specialize in:

 healing and management of autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses through personalized nutrition and exercise

 eliminating food cravings and sugar addiction by addressing the physiological root of your cravings or addictions and providing healthy, just as satisfying alternatives

 fitness for total wellness, with knowledge in strength building, weight loss, cardiovascular health, stimulation of healthy body function, and posture

 support and guidance every step of the way, with a specialized wellness tracking plan and constant contact to ensure your success

Ready to start your wellness journey?