I think the number one excuse people use for not working out is that they don’t have time to go to the gym. The truth is you don’t need a gym membership, you don’t even need to ever step foot into a gym to get a good workout. Here are five exercises you can do ANYWHERE, combine all five for a quick and easy total body workout you can do at home, in your yard, in a hotel room, in your office at work on your lunch break, wherever.

This first exercise works all of your arm and shoulder muscles as well as your core and abs. You’ll start in a strong plank position making sure your back and booty are flat, bending your arm lift one hand up to your chest, put it back down, then lift the other hand. You want to alternate lifting hands back and forth quickly 30 times, rest, then do it again.

This next exercise also works your arms and core but specifically targets and engages he oblique muscles. Again, start in a strong plank position, bend your arms and lower your body as you would during a push-up, as you lower bring one leg out to the side and bend your knee, reach your knee to your elbow, bring your leg back to the starting position as you push back up into plank position, repeat this motion with the other leg. Do this motion alternating legs back and forth 20 times. Rest and repeat (if you can).

For this third exercise you’re going to start in a seated position with your legs in front of you, knees slightly bent, and feet on the ground or floor. Open your arms out to the side, bring one leg up and your hands together (like you’re clapping) under your leg, bring the leg back down bringing your arms back out, do the same movement on the other side. As your leg comes down you want to lean back slightly keeping your back as straight as possible and when your leg comes up and your hands are meeting lean slightly forward. Do this motion quickly alternating sides 50 times, rest, repeat. This exercise is great for working your ab muscles giving you that flat stomach you want.

This exercise is great for giving you those killer thighs and great butt. Start in a standing position with your feet together and pointing straight in front of you, bend your knees and lower your body down keeping your back straight, your hips tucked under, and your butt pointing down (don’t stick your butt out or curve your back), come back up, bring your right leg out to the side and as it lands bend your knees and come into a wide squat (again keeping your back straight, hips tucked, and butt pointing down, make sure your knees don’t go past your feet), push off the ground with your right foot and as you come up bring your left back into meet the other leg in the starting position, repeat this exact same motion with the left leg. So, you’re going to go down, up, out to the right, in, down, up, out to the left. Repeat this motion 30 times.

This last exercise is great for your quads, glutes, AND calves. It’s a total lower body workout. Stand with your legs wide apart and your toes pointed outward, come up onto your toes, then bend your knees over (but not past) your feet lowering your body down into a wide squat, keep your back flat, tummy and hips tucked, and your butt pointing down (again don’t stick your butt out), squeeze your butt as you push back up straightening your legs. Repeat this motion 20 times, rest, then do it again.

Please DON’t FORGET TO STRETCH when you’re done.

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