Personalized nutrition consulting, meal plans, and recipes tailored to your body’s needs starting at $25 per service

As much as I believe that food should nurture your body I also believe it should nurture your soul,  my job as a holistic nutritionist and health coach is to help you find healthy foods that you enjoy and alternatives to the things you enjoy but shouldn’t be eating. After a consultation, I assess your individual needs pertaining to your specific body type, injuries/illnesses, and wellness goals, to determine your personal holistic nutrition regimen.  I create easy-to-follow meal plans based on my assessment and provide recipes that meet your dietary needs. I will also give you the tools to navigate eating while on vacation or out at restaurants, a host of advice for maintaining your new diet, and I’ll even go grocery shopping with you!


In-home (or online!) individualized personal training and fitness instruction for total wellness starting at $25 per session

As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I have an abundance of knowledge on the human body and how to build muscle, lose fat, tone, work around/with injuries and illnesses, and correct posture and muscular/skeletal problems.  I design fitness programs tailored to your body’s individual needs and your personal goals. The best part? I come to you and teach you how to do your new workout regimen in the comfort of your own home!


Tailored monthly packages including consultations and check-ins, holistic nutrition and meal planning, personal training and fitness instruction, and wellness tracking starting at $200

This will include monthly consultations, check-ins, and wellness tracking, as well as meal plans and recipes, fitness programs and personal training, and constant support and communication.  I will work around your schedule to the best of my ability; if you are not available in-person, we can do video chat consultations and I can provide individualized workout videos designed specifically for you to follow along with and do in your own time. My total wellness package also includes free access to any dance or fitness class taught by me.

Ready to start your wellness journey?