Having a strong core has a positive effect on your overall health, you just function better when you’re being properly supported by your core muscles, and having washboard abs are all the rage. This is the one move you should be doing everyday to strengthen your core and get better abs, and the good news is you can do it from the comfort of your living room.

Start in a strong plank position, making sure that your tummy is tucked and your back is as straight as possible (you don’t want your butt sticking up in the air and you don’t want a dip in your back with your stomach reaching toward the floor).

Once you’re holding a strong plank position reach one arm up to the ceiling tilting your whole body to the side.

Reach your arm up and then tilting your body back into plank position reach that arm across your body and through your other arm. Repeat this motion ten times on each side for two reps.

TO MODIFY: If this is too strenuous for you, bring your knees to the floor still keeping your back as straight as possible with your tummy tucked as pictured.

TO INCREASE INTENSITY: If this is feeling too easy for you try holding a light weight in the hand of the arm that is doing the motion.

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