The Evolution Method: 8-Week Program

Take Control of Your Health

We want to empower you with sustainable strategies and habits to lead your healthiest and most dynamic life!

Dr. Carolyn Wojtusiak running the Boulder Marathon for Evolve Health and Wellness Chiropractic

Laboratory Testing 

We don’t guess when it comes to your health. In our comprehensive 8 week program, we use laboratory tests to assess a panel of biomarkers. This better informs our clinical decisions when creating your individualized health plan. Good health is more than being muscular and lean; it starts at the cellular level!

Nutrition Planning

There is so much contradictory information out there regarding nutrition, and our clinicians can help you cut through the nonsense to get you to your goals in a sustainable way. Nutrition planning is guided by the results of your laboratory tests, and the structure of your individualized plan will be dictated by your energy demands and personal goals. Information on food selection, allergy testing, supplementation and more is included in your plan. Weekly check-ins with your clinician will ensure that you remain accountable, and we will help you navigate obstacles and pitfalls you may encounter in your nutrition plan!

Personal Training

Individualized Exercise Programming and 1-1 Personal Training will help you take your health and performance to the next level. Whether you’re recovering from injury or preparing to set a personal record in your next triathlon, our staff has the expertise to help get you there. Functional Movement Assessment and exercise selection specific to your goals and preference are taught under the supervision of one of our doctors. We guide you on execution of your program to minimize the risk of injury and optimize your results.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture

You can only train as well as you recover! Through chiropractic and acupuncture, we can hasten recovery by treating restricted joints and balancing the nervous system. We use Electrical Stimulation, Chiropractic Adjustments, Manual Muscle Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dry Needling to manage injuries and enhance your rate of recovery.