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Dr. Alex is back for Part 2 of our spinal decompression series! In Part 1, we showed you some in-office techniques. Now, let’s explore how you can decompress your spine at home👍

Here are 3️⃣ simple exercises:

1️⃣ Dead Hangs: Grip a sturdy bar overhead and hang with arms straight. This lengthens your spine and helps relieve pressure on discs.

2️⃣ Dip Bar Hangs: Similar to dead hangs, but using dip bars allows for a slight bend in the knees for added comfort.

3️⃣ Supported Decompressions: Find a sturdy surface like a couch or firm mattress. Gently allow your hips to sink down towards the ground, keeping your back long and core engaged.

Listen to your body and stop if you experience any pain.
Message us to discuss a specialized plan for your needs!

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Lace up your shoes, grab your leashes and join us for our ~SECOND ANNUAL~ Dog Days of Summer! This 3.5-mile race around the scenic Lake McIntosh offers stunning mountain views, charming farmlands, and a chance to spot some aquatic wildlife ⛰️

Here’s the scoop:
• Half paved, half dirt course - perfect for all experience levels!
• Dawson Neighborhood Park: Start & Finish line with vendors, music, games, and a pirate ship playground (arrr!) ‍
• Bring your furry friend! Doggos are welcome to join the fun.

🚨 Early Bird Pricing Ends June 30th!🚨 Don’t miss out on the best price!

⁃ Get your kiddos ready for the Kids Dash - a fun 1k sprint to the finish line near the pirate ship! For littles 10 and under
⁃ 1k Dash: for those 10 and up looking to partake in the fun, perfect for beginners!

Tag a friend who needs a scenic run and head to our link in our bio to register! ➡️

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Meet Dr. Olivia, one of our skilled chiropractors at Evolve Health and Wellness, as she treats a patient with low back and foot pain. Our holistic approach focuses on addressing muscle imbalances to enhance adjustments and alleviate pain. Did you know? Treating the musculature helps improve flexibility, reduce tension, and promote faster healing. For an extra boost, we recommend sessions with our amazing massage therapist, Audrey (@evolve_elementaltherapies). Click the link in our bio or visit her page (@evolve_dr.olivia) to book your appointment today. Your journey to wellness starts here! 🌱💆‍♀️

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Congratulations @brennalofgren on winning our raffle! Enjoy the @tvla_yoga mat ! ...

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Don’t let luck slip away! We are getting SO pumped for the Lucky Clover Fitness Bash happening THIS WEEK on Wednesday March 20th @ 6:15 PM! 💃🍀

Tickets are now available for $15 (+tax and fee)! For those still deciding, here are some extra details that might just tip the scales in favor of YOU joining!😉

🎶 Get Your Groove On: Jam out to our specially curated LUCKY themed playlist💚🍀💚🍀

📝 Set Your Intentions: Kick off your workout by jotting down your intentions for the day, month, or even the whole year in a safe and welcoming space!

👑 Sparkle and Shine: Feel like royalty as you rock one of our hand crafted shamrock tiaras!

🍀 Carry Your Luck: Take home a special lucky charm to keep with you as a reminder of the powerful intentions you set during the class!

💪 Fun and Inclusive Workout: Get ready to sweat, smile, and feel empowered in our super inclusive workout session! Nothing but good vibes and high fives! 🙌💪

So, what are you waiting for? Come join the fun and let’s make some fitness magic together!✨🌈

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Congrats to the winner of our first giveaway! Enjoy your @tvla_yoga block and mat!

Stay tuned for more give-aways, and if you need help recovering from injuries, achieving your fitness goals or simply want to feel great, give us a call!

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We are raffling off a @tvla_yoga Mat and Yoga Block! 🧘‍♀️ TVLA is based right here in Colorado! This mat is high-quality and anti-microbial with markings to aid in your alignment during your yoga practice!

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