Jack Lalanne brought fitness culture to the mainstream at a time where medical doctors discouraged people from vigorous exercise and recommended smoking as a means to curb one’s appetite!

If you use a commercial gym, pay your respects to Dr. Lalanne as he set the precedent for gyms as we know them today. You may have noticed that I called him Dr. Lalanne – that is because he was a Chiropractor! Many people familiar with Jack’s work are unaware that he graduated from Oakland Chiropractic College in San Francisco! 

Jack Lalanne was a trailblazer, advising people to eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meat. He was in staunch opposition to food additives and drug-use, and created a platform for his successors to positively impact people’s lives through health and fitness.

The Jack Lalanne show ran for 34 years on television in which he educated the masses on exercise and nutrition. Jack was renowned for his superhuman feats of strength and endurance.

In 1954 at the age of 40 he  swam the entire length of the Golden Gate in San Francisco, under water, with 140 lb of equipment strapped to his body. In 1975 at the age of 61, Jack repeated his performance of 21 years earlier, swimming the entire length of the Golden Gate Bridge. He did this underwater and handcuffed, and this time he towed a 1,000 lb boat. For his last great feat, Jack towed 70 boats while handcuffed against strong winds and currents in Long Beach Harbor for 1 mile aged 70 years young.

Jack’s followed a strict daily routine:

  1. 90 minutes of Strength Training
  2. 30 minutes of Cardiovascular Exercise
  3. 10 raw vegetables
  4. 2 meals per day

Jack followed this routine until the day before he passed at the age of 96 years old. Jack was reportedly sick for a week with pneumonia, but refused to see a doctor. He left us on January 23, 2011.

We all should be thankful for the tremendous impact he has had on public understanding of health and fitness. Mr. Lalanne has inspired countless people to lead healthier, happier lives. So go make Jack proud and eat a carrot and do some push-ups!